I Have Been Home from College for Awhile

I really miss all the girls at school, but I really have not been much harmed by not being in class. In fact I have been able to do all my school work at night and on the weekends, while I have been working off the clock helping a guy do ac installation in Queens. I am not sure how he is getting to do this stuff without paying his taxes, but I do not really care. He is paying me 17 dollars an hour without taking anything out of it and so far I have been getting around 40 hours a week. Of course this guy does not exactly work a schedule. The first day that we worked we started out before it was daylight and we kept working until around midnight. Then he went down the street and we went to this after hours place. Of course I did not think it was safe given the pandemic. He must have stayed up awhile, because it was the day after that when he called me.

Of course I do not really have any bills. My parents kept my room exactly like it was, although it certainly does not look as though anyone has dusted in there for awhile. I brought home my xbox and my tiny TV, but I have not had much time for that sort of thing between school and this job. Of course I am not sure that the job is going to last or if it is going to be very steady. It is not as though he could not replace me pretty easily if he felt like it and so I am holding tightly onto the money that I have made. I have been looking for a girl though and I think that I may be on the right path.

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