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Preparing for a CBT Test Properly

You need to prepare for a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) test, before you can ride two wheeled vehicles legally. Although clothing and crash helmets have developed over time, to offer superior safety to riders, there’s still other road users to take into account. The objective of a CBT test is to increase your safety on the roads. There’s five parts to the test that mix riding skills with theoretical knowledge. Being aware of what these things entail beforehand, is the most effective way of preparing for a CBT test.

What the Test Consists of

Typically, the CBT exam is completed over a day and consists of five modules, including: eyesight check and introduction, training onsite, riding onsite, training on the road, and riding on the road.

Eyesight Check and Introduction

The eyesight check and intro does not need much explaining. You will be taught why the CBT exam is …