A Mini-MBA Course That Truly Works

When my boss asked me if I would take a mini-MBA course, I honestly dreaded it until he explained it in more detail. I thought he was asking me to go back to school and learn new business concepts, but it was not like that at all. I would be learning new business concepts, but I would not have to step foot on university property to make that happen. I did not even have to attend an online university for classes. Instead, I would be taking these courses through the MBA Academy.

I went to the site he told me about, and I was able to learn everything about the program that way. It is through videos, work sheets, and live webinars that the concepts are taught. I had taken business courses when I went to school, but I got my degree in marketing. I did not mind going to school for that, but I did not want to have to sit in a classroom for hours a day learning about something that I really had very little interest in. As soon as I watched the video about what the mini-MBA course is all about, I knew that this was going to be good not only for my boss, but it would help me too.

Instead of having to take one to two years to learn business concepts, I was able to learn the key principles that are relevant to the work that we do at my job. The online course could be taken alone or with a group, and I chose to do it on my own so I could do it at my own leisure. The content and structure of the course was very well defined, and I learned more in that online course than I would have imagined. It has really opened my eyes to how we approach some of our own business models, and I know this is going to help our bottom line a lot.

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