I Hired an Act to Break the Ice

I knew that the seminar that was coming up was going to be intense. My company is taking on a new client, and his team wants to meet with my team to make sure we are all on the same page. I was given a schedule of what the twelve hour meeting would be like, and I was just thankful that it was going to be over a two day period. I knew that the meeting would go well, but I wanted some ice breakers thrown in. That is why I ended up hiring some football freestylers from a company that provides all kinds of acts that can be an ice breaker or even a main event.

I was able to watch videos of the football freestylers, and I was extremely impressed with how each one was able to handle the ball. Most of the people who would be at the meeting, from my company at least, are football fans, so I felt this would go over really well. I hired three of them because the videos showed that the tricks can get more intricate when there are more of the freestylers involved.

The meeting is coming up in a few weeks, and I am excited about it for a number of reasons. First off, it is going to make my company grow even faster than I ever thought possible. Secondly though, I am really just looking forward to watching the three freestylers do their tricks for all of us. I have already told my new client about it, and he explained that he has used the same company in the past for company events. While he has never seen the footie freestylers, he has seen magicians, comedians, singers, acrobats and more, so he is looking forward to seeing this new act as much as I am!

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